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Faculty of Engineering Science

Biofabrication – Prof. Dr. Leonid Ionov

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Current projects
DFG "New tool for fabrication of microtissues with anisotropic fibrous structure based on touch-spinning and 3D printing" (2019-2022)
VW Stiftung "Experiment!" (2019-2020)
DFG "Fabrication of Microfibers with Complex Interior by Shape-Changing Polymers" (2018-2021)
DFG "Reversible Semicrystalline Polymeric Actuators" (2018-2021)

Previous funding
UGA Young Faculty Grant "Design of Novel Actively Moving Fibers" (2016-2017)
DFG "3D Bio-Patterning Using Self-folding Polymer Films" (2015-2018)
DFG "In-situ Spectroscopic Investigations of High Energy Li-S Batteries Based on New Carbon Cathodes" (2015-2018)
BMBF "Bio/Synthetische multifunktionale Mikro-Produktionseinheiten" (2015-2020)
DFG "Nanoscale biopatterning using stimuli-responsive polymer surfaces and visible light" (2010–2014)
DFG     "Lithium-sulfur high-energy batteries with reversible matrix-intercalated sulfur cathodes" (2011– 2014)

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