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Biofabrication – Prof. Dr. Leonid Ionov

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Lab Photos

Summer 2021

Master's Thesis defense of Hanin Alkhamis (13.09.2021)

Master's Thesis defense of Ying Xu (10.08.2021)

Master's Thesis defense of Esther Addo (09.08.2021)

Master's Thesis defense of Franco Raviglione (28.07.2021)

Prof. Leonid Ionov and Franco Raviglione

Master's thesis defense of Waseem Kitana

Prof. Jr. Gregor Lang, Waseem Kitana and Prof. Leonid Ionov

Indra's Graduation.

From left to right: Prof. Dr. Leonid Ionov, Dr. Indra Apsite, Prof. Dr. Andreas Fery, Prof. Dr. Stephan Gekle, and Prof. Dr. Seema Agarwal.

Fall 2020

Photos from University of Bayreuth

Summer 2019

Celebrating Saurav's defense of the Master Thesis

Photos from University of Georgia (2015-2017)

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