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Faculty of Engineering Science

Biofabrication – Prof. Dr. Leonid Ionov

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Our lab counts with all the necessary equipment for polymer processing and analysis, as well as for cell culture studies with several different type of mammalian cells. 


Thermogravimetric Analyzer (TGA) 

The TG 209 F3 Tarsus from Netzch is used to obtain knowledge about the thermal stability of polymers and their composition. 

Responsible persons: Anila Antony


Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) 

The Mettler Toledo DSC device is used to determine the thermal properties of the processed and synthesized polymers. It measures the enthalpy changes of the samples based on their physical and chemical properties as function of temperature.

Responsible persons: Ilia Sadilov - Anila Antony


Gel Permeation Chromatographer (GPC)

Our GPC from PSS is used to determine the molecular weight of the synthesized polymers.

Responsible persons: Anila Antony - HongTao Cai

Multimode Reader

TriStar² LB 942 Modular Monochromator Multimode Reader with absorbance, fluorescence and luminiscence modes.

Responsible persons:  Saskia Roth - Waseem Kitana


Plasma cleaner

Programmable MiniFlecto®  plasma clear with two gas connections.

Responsible persons: Zhander Vohr Soreño - Gissela Constante


Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer

Combined Rheometer | DMA: MCR 702 MultiDrive with controlled temperature, linear drive for DMA measurements in strain, torsion, three-point bending and cantiliver modes.

Responsible persons: Ilia Sadilov- Zhander Vohr Soreño 

freeze drier


Our lab counts with the lyophilizer Labconco, which dries the materials by freezing, allowing the sublimation of water.

Responsible persons: Saskia Roth - Waseem Kitana

3D printers


3D Discovery Regen-Hu

3D Discovery printer inside of the biosafety cabinet (RegenHU, Switzerland). It can be used for printing hydrogels, thermopolymers, and melt-electrowrite polymers. It counts with multiple printheads.

Responsible persons: Ilia Sadilov - Zhander Vohr Soreño

Melt-electrowriting - 3D Printer of Thermoplastic polymers

Dispensing 3D printer for printing of thermoplastics. Maximum temperature is 350 °C that allows printing of most commercial and synthetic polymers. Printer is equipped with high-voltage power supply (30kV), which allows melt electrospinning writing. 

Responsible persons: Ilia Sadilov - Zhander Vohr Soreño


DLP Stereolithography 

DLP(LCD) stereolithography 3D printer Wanhao Duplicator D7 Plus

Responsible person: Waseem Kitana

Fiber spinning 

e spinnign


Electrospinning device for simultaneous spinning of two different materials with multiple syringes for mass production. Our e-spinning is equipped with high-voltage power supply (+/-30kV).

Responsible persons: Zhander Vohr Soreño 



Noztec Touch Extruder device to fabricate filament from polymer pellets for 3D printing purposes.

Responsible persons: Ilia Sadilov - Zhander Vohr Soreño

Cell culture laboratory

safety cabiner

Safety Cabinet 

We own a well-equiped cell culture lab. We make studies of cell compatibility, differentiation and functionality of the biofabricated scaffolds.

Responsible persons: Katharina Bauer

fluorescence microscope

Fluorescence Microscope 

Fluorescence Microscope Nikon Eclipse Ti2 is provided with incubation system to analize in vivo the cell behavior.

The microscope also counts with a perfect focusing system (PFS).

Responsible persons: Saskia Roth - Waseem Kitana 

Surface characterization

contact angle

Contact angle 

The contact angle device "Krüss Drop Shape Analyzer - DSA25" is used for wetting investigations and measurement of surface free energy.

Responsible persons: Ilia Sadilov




The Interface 1010E and 5000E are general purpose potentiostats that runs basic physical and electroanalytical techniques such as cyclic voltammetry, chronoamperometry, chronopotentiometry, pulse voltammetry and square wave voltammetry.  

Responsible persons: Ilia Sadilov 

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