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Biofabrication – Prof. Dr. Leonid Ionov

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Prof. Dr. Leonid Ionov

Prof. Dr. Leonid Ionov
Professor of Biofabrication

E-mail: leonid.ionov@uni-bayreuth.de
Phone: +49 (0)921 / 55-5543
Office: Ludwig-Thoma-Str. 36a, Raum 2.01

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Andrea Bodner

E-mail: Andrea.Bodner@uni-bayreuth.de
Phone: +49 (0)921 / 55-6701
Office: TAO, Raum 1.02.15

Sabrina Schwägerl

E-mail: Sabrina.Schwaegerl@uni-bayreuth.de
Phone: +49 (0)921 / 55-6703
Office: TAO, Raum 1.02.15


Indra Apsite

Dr. Indra Apsite-Vinzio

Research project: 3D-printing and e-spinning of biomaterials
Tel: +49 (0)921 / 55-5530
Email: Indra.Apsite@uni-bayreuth.de 

Dr. Hossein Goodarzi Hosseinabadi

Research project: Stereolithography in microfluidic devices
Tel: +49 (0) 921 / 55-5592
Email:  Hossein.Goodarzi-Hosseinabadi@uni-bayreuth.de

PhD students

Gissela Katherine Constante Ibarra M. Sc.

PhD student
Research project: melt electrowriting of shape-changing polymers
Tel: +49 (0)921 / 55-4623
Email: Gissela.Constante@uni-bayreuth.de

Aastha Lall M. Sc.

PhD student
Research project: Shape-changing structures with thermoresponsive polymers
Tel: +49 (0)921 / 55-5591
Email: Aastha.Lall@uni-bayreuth.de

Pavel Milkin M. Sc.

PhD student
Research project: Fabrication of electrodes based on polymer brushes-enzymes
Tel: +49 (0)921 / 55-5592
Email: Pavel.Milkin@uni-bayreuth.de

Ali Yousefinejad M. Sc.

PhD student
Research project: 4D-biofabrication of bone tissue
Tel: +49 (0) 921 / 55-5519
Email: Ali.Yousefinejad@uni-bayreuth.de

Zhander Vohr Soreño M. Sc. 

PhD student
Research project: Flexible magnetic sensors
Tel: +49 (0) 921 / 55-4628
Email: Zhander.Vohr-Soreno@uni-bayreuth.de

Waseem Kitana M. Sc. 

PhD student
Research project: Biofabrication of anisotropic microtissues using a combination of 3D bioprinting and touch-spinning
Tel: +49 (0) 921 / 55-4628
Email: Waseem.Kitana@uni-bayreuth.de

Saskia Roth M. Sc. 

PhD student
Research project: 3D tissue construction with vascular network
Tel: +49 (0) 921 / 55-4628
Email: Saskia.Roth@uni-bayreuth.de


Katharina Bauer

Tel: +49 (0) 921 / 55-5519
Email: Katharina.Bauer@uni-bayreuth.de

Master students

Judith Eubel

Master Thesis 
Title: Electrospinning of bilayer systems for nerve tissue regeneration
Email: Judith.Eubel@uni-bayreuth.de

Shubham Pavale

Master Thesis 
Title: Wearable strain sensor with self-healing conductive layer
Email: Shubham.Pavale@uni-bayreuth.de



  • Dr. Georgi Stoychev - NIRvana Science (USA)
  • Dr. Alina Kirillova - Duke University (USA)
  • Dr. Yaoming Zhang - Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Science (China)
  • Dr. Mukesh Agrawal - SABIC Technology Center (India)
  • Dr. Larysa Kutuzova - Hochschule Reutlingen (Germany)
  • Dr. Soumyadip Choudhury - Assistant Professor at IIT Kharagpur (India)
  • Dr. Yuqi Li - College of Materials Science and Engineering, Guillin University of Technology (China)
  • Dr. Arpan Biswas - University of Minnesota (USA)
  • Dr. YongKang Bai - Xi'an Jiaotong University (China)
  • Dr. Neha Tiwari - BioNTech (Germany)

PhD students

  • Dr. Vladislav Stroganov - University Friedrich Schiller Jena (Germany)
  • Dr. Svetlana Zakharchenko - Springer (Germany)
  • Dr. Nikolay Puretskiy - GlobalFoundries (Germany)
  • Dr. Soumyadip Choudhury - IPF Dresden (Germany)
  • Dr. Nidhi Chandrama Dubey - Assistant Professor at Jamia Hamdard University (India)
  • Dr. Ivan Raguzin - Plastic Logic (Germany)
  • Dr. Indra Apsite - University of Bayreuth (Germany)
  • ​Mojdeh Azarnia M. Sc. - Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg (Germany)
  • Mairon Truijillo M. Sc. - Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel (Germany)
  • Dr. Juan Manuel Uribe Gómez  
  • Amit Shukla M. Sc. - University of Bayreuth (Germany)
  • Andrés Posada Ph. D. (c)

MS and BS students

  • ​​Franco Raviglione M. Sc. 
  • Esther Addo M. Sc. - University of Hohenheim (Germany)
  • Ying Xu M. Sc.
  • ​Hanin Alkhamis M. Sc. - Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon (Germany)
  • Waseem Kitana M. Sc. - University of Bayreuth (Germany)
  • Gissela Constante M. Sc. - University of Bayreuth (Germany)
  • Hazem Alkazemi M. Sc. - The University of Melbourne (Australia)
  • Saurav Ranjan Mohapatra M. Sc. - RWTH Aachen University (Germany)
  • Dr. Laura Morales Gamez - Boston Scientific (Ireland)
  • Alexander Lang - TU Dresden (Germany)
  • Evgeny Sperling - TU Dresden (Germany)
  • Denis Graf - TU Dresden (Germany)

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