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Biofabrication – Prof. Dr. Leonid Ionov

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At the Ionov Lab, our focus is on exploring  in the study of bioinspired technologies for development of new functional and active materials based on actuating polymers.  This materials and techniques hold great potential for applications in tissue engineering, biofabrication, smart materials and soft electronics. Below, there is an overview of our current research:

Biofabrication and Biomaterials

cells on fibers


Biomaterials represent a fascinating intersection between biology and materials science, playing a crucial role in various fields such as medicine, biotechnology, and tissue engineering. more

3dprinting and fiber spinning
3D Biofabrication

Biofabrication, a multidisciplinary field that applies multitude of technologies, such as 3D (bio)printing for the fabrication of biologically relevant constructs. These biofabrication technologies aim at replicating the complex architecture of human tissues and organs. more

folding nerve
4D Biofabrication

We are developing methods for 3D printing of active polymers that allows introduction of additional dimension (time). We use 4D printing for design in biomaterial science and fabrication of engineered tissues. more

Stimuli-responsive and shape-changing materials

actuatot SCM

Stimuli-responsive and shape-changing polymers

Inspired by an actuation in nature (e.g. cone, flowers – Venus flytrap or Mimose) we are developing synthetic 3-dimensional actuated origami-inspired transformable materials. Synthetic strategies, fundamental understanding of mechanism of folding behavior and programmable design of 3D materials are in the focus of this project. more

smart surfaces

Smart surfaces

The fabrication of switchable surfaces has been of interest in different fields such as biotechnology, industry, robotics, and others. We work in the fabrication of high aspect ratio lamellar surface topography by melt-electrowriting of microfibers of a shape-memory polymer. more

Flexible electronics

biomimetic mat gif

Soft electronics and sensors

Soft electronics necessitate substrates or supports with profound strain-stiffening properties to uphold functionality under mechanical deformation. more

ball jumping

Self-healing materials

Self-healing materials, capable of regaining structural integrity and functionality, find broad application across industries including coatings, civil engineering, and electronics. more

Custom-made 3D printers

3d bioprinter with blue background

Fabrication of custom-made 3D printers

In Ionov Lab, we also design and customize 3D printing devices and other biofabrication technologies based on additive manufacturing. 

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