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Biofabrication – Prof. Dr. Leonid Ionov

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Date News
20.09.2021 Visit from Elite Network of Bavaria
10.08.2021 Ying has defended her thesis!
09.08.2021 Esther has succesfully defended her thesis!
29.07.2021 Franco has defended his Master Thesis succesfully!
25.06.2021 Juan's paper about touch-spinning got published in ACS Applied Biomaterials!
08.06.2021 Andres' paper got published in Macromolecules!
08.06.2021 Waseem has succesfully defended his thesis!
17.05.2021 Synytska Lab has PhD positions open!
06.05.2021 Zhander joined as Ph. D. student!
06.05.2021 Dr. Hossein joined our group as Postdoc!
20.04.2021 Dr. Neha Tiwari joined as Postdoc!
18.03.2021 Ali joined as Ph. D. student!
12.03.2021 Dr. Yongkang joined to our group as Postdoc!
08.03.2021 Muzaffar joined to our group as Ph.D. student!
27.01.2021 Juan's paper got published in ACS Applied Biomaterials
13.01.2021 Our paper in 4D biofabrication is published!

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