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Date News
10.08.2021 Ying has defended her thesis!
09.08.2021 Esther has succesfully defended her thesis!
29.07.2021 Franco has defended his Master Thesis succesfully!
25.06.2021 Juan's paper about touch-spinning got published in ACS Applied Biomaterials!
08.06.2021 Andres' paper got published in Macromolecules!
08.06.2021 Waseem has succesfully defended his thesis!
17.05.2021 Synytska Lab has PhD positions open!
06.05.2021 Zhander joined as Ph. D. student!
06.05.2021 Dr. Hossein joined our group as Postdoc!
20.04.2021 Dr. Neha Tiwari joined as Postdoc!
18.03.2021 Ali joined as Ph. D. student!
12.03.2021 Dr. Yongkang joined to our group as Postdoc!
08.03.2021 Muzaffar joined to our group as Ph.D. student!
27.01.2021 Juan's paper got published in ACS Applied Biomaterials
13.01.2021 Our paper in 4D biofabrication is published!
17.11.2020 Indra Apsite successfully defended her doctoral thesis
27.10.2020 A PhD position in Wearable/Flexible Sensors is available
27.10.2020 Pavel joined our group as PhD student!
03.09.2020 Our new project got granted!
01.09.2020 Mairon joined our group as PhD student!
20.08.2020 New device Potentiostat
09.07.2020 See our first trial with our new 3D printing!
03.07.2020 Two Ph.D. positions in Polymer Science are open!
03.06.2020 Aastha joined our group as PhD student!
28.05.2020 A new HiWi position is open
28.05.2020 Indra´s paper about 4D biofabrication applied to neuron regeneration got published in Biofabrication!
27.05.2020 New Postdoc position is open
16.10.2019 Indra´s paper on biofabrication of muscle microtissues using shape-changing polymers is published in Biofabrication !
15.10.2019 Gissela Constante joined our group as PhD student
14.10.2019 Yaoming´s paper on shape-changing films is published in European Polymer Journal !
05.09.2019 Gissela has successfully defended her Master Thesis
01.09.2019 Amit Shukla joined our group
02.08.2019 Hazem Alkazemi has successfully defended his Master Thesis
01.08.2019 Katharina Bauer joined our group
30.06.2019 Project supported by Volkswagen Foundation initiative "Experiment" was highlighted
12.06.2019 Mojdeh Azarnia joined our group
10.05.2019 Dr. Arpan Biswas joined our group
01.05.2019 New paper on polymer brushes in Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics
27.03.2019 New review paper in Advanced Optical Materials
13.03.2019 New postdoc in the group!
12.03.2019 New DFG project is funded!
11.03.2019 Saurav Ranjan Mohapatra has successfully defended his  Master thesis
01.01.2019 Postdoctoral position in 3D printing is open
13.12.2018 Our review paper is published in Journal of Materials Chemistry B
09.12.2018 "Experiment!" project from Volkswagen Stiftung  is granted !
01.11.2018 Soumyadip´s paper on Li-S batteries is published in Particle & Particle Systems Characterization!
30.10.2018 Invited talk about 4D biofabrication was delived in Biofabrication 2018 Conference in Würzburg
10.10.2018 Gissela Constante-Ibarra joins our group as Master Student.
01.10.2018 Andrés Fernando Posada Murcia joins our group as PhD student.
25.07.2018 Vlad Stroganov has successfully defended his PhD thesis
21.07.2018 Soumyadip´s paper on Li-S batteries is published in Polymer !
09.07.2018 Our new review on 4D Biofabrication is published in Advanced Healthcare Materials
23.04.2018 Two PhD positions are open ! 
18.01.2018 Vlad´s paper is published in Advanced Functional Materials !
14.01.2018 Soumyadip´s paper is published in Advanced Materials Interfaces !
14.01.2018 Juan Manuel Uribe Gomez joined our group as PhD student !
30.10.2017 Our work on 4D biofabrication in Advanced Materials is highlighted in AdvancedScienceNews, 3dprintingindustry.com, 3dmednet.com, Imagiclay.com, and DGM.de!
21.09.2017 PhD position in 3D printing of biomaterials is open!
07.09.2017 Alina´s paper is published in Advanced Materials
27.08.2017 Indra´s paper is accepted for publication in Biomacromolecules
15.08.2017 Anne´s paper is published in Journal of Power Sources
14.08.2017 Anne´s paper is published in Energy Storage Materials
10.07.2017 Georgi´s paper is published in Macromolecular Rapid Communication
01.06.2017 Prof. Ionov's Soft/Bio-Materials Group moved to the University of Bayreuth
05.04.2017 Our paper about fibeous separators for Li-S batteries is published in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

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